pulli kolam designs - An Overview

 By way of example if there is padi kolam drawn at the doorway it means that there's a celebration going on in your home. Kolam in Tamil suggests elegance As well as in Tamil Nadu the artwork of kolam is practised by Gals every single early morning and many attract it while in the night way too.  My mother accustomed to express that Keeping the kolapodi and sprinkling the kolam powder to obtain the styles ought to be accomplished with grace and even this act must glance beautiful to 1 who watches a kolam remaining drawn . ( Is elegance while in the eyes of your beholder ! ) My mother also mentioned that that is a divine art and therefore must be practised with the sanctity it deserves.  Also, just as a Trainer teaches how to carry a pencil in Main college so also she taught how to carry kolam powder. 

The four images in black and white demonstrate us the ways in drawing this rather simple kolam making use of thamarai or lotus designs.  This can be drawn with out dots or totally free hand

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Drawing a rangoli or kolam on drinking water is by by itself is challenging - drawing a rangoli / kolam in water and making it continue to be desires some process being followed.  So I have revealed the strategy through a collection of pictures.  The procedure is as follows

The kolam  is 15 to 1 straight dots (ner pulli). A simple floral petal central design and style surrounded by some flowers and leaves.  I have additional a couple of colours  The strategy is - attract the outer designs to the 4 sides. Then attract the central floral designs.

A gorgeous selection of a number of kolam or muggulu designs that could be used for Margazhi kolam with dots, Pongal kolam with dots aka Sankranti muggulu with dots.

 Needless to say colours could be additional to these designs making it Yet another activity by alone. Nonetheless this concept is different from the connecting with dots pursuits which are performed by means of numbered dots.  This is often a bit difficult in that factor however the patterns are repetitive and simple in many kolam designs.  So it ought to be enjoyable making an attempt this also

Just after inserting the dot pattern attract elliptical designs as proven row  by row, initial draw all those inclined to the ideal and  then People inclined for the remaining or  vice-versa.

 The greater the distance the larger sized will the kolam under and as a result occupy extra space and may get extra time to finish and  incorporate colours.. The impression on the right displays an intermediate stage in the kolam just after finishing click here the seven floral designs. 

The kolam design and style on the top - I've already drawn in November 2012 for Karthigai Deepam.  .  It's very simple and we are able to make your mind up the quantity of dots since the pattern is repetitive.

The traditional kolam motif designs Merge modern outlines with directional styles. Collating a handful of kolam for Pongal images can give you a great headstart in picking a gorgeous kolam style and design.

d)  Pick the kolam for being drawn over the plate.  I've selected what known as kubera kolam drawn using a          dot grid

 Though it can be left plain, because it is Deepavali including colours is a vital element.  So the kolam with colors.  The plain kolam has also been shared elsewhere in a very related write-up in Rangoli-sans-dots.

    What I've done is four petals have blue or pink colour and the bottom two are eco-friendly in colour ( to symbolize leaves !).  We will increase some simple patterns around the back again floor and In the petals to enhance the beautify on the kolam structure.

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